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Optiano Contact Lens Solution - 60ml

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Optiano Contact Lens Solution helps in cleaning & disinfecting your contact lenses. It kill 99.99% of germs within 10 minutes preventing eye irritation.

NOTE: For Contact lenses Cleaning always use OPTIANO Multi-Purpose Solution.

How to Clean Soft Contact Lenses and Ensure A Healthy Vision?

Cleaning the contact lenses is an essential procedure, not only to prolong the product’s useful life, but also to maintain your vision in perfect conditions. This procedure makes the contact lenses free from bacteria, microorganisms, mucus and other impurities, and must be repeated when putting the lenses in or taking them out.

1. Wash your hands thoroughly before handling the lenses, but do not use soap with moisturizers.

2. Place the right eye contact lens on the palm of your hand and apply some drops of Optiano Multi-purpose Cleaning Solution.

3. With the other hand’s index finger, delicately rub the lens on both sides, with a forward, backward, and sideways motion.

4. Rinse the lens again with Optiano Multi-purpose Cleaning Solution until it is free from residues.

5. Repeat the procedure with the left eye lens.

The lenses must be maintained in appropriate case and kept closed during the whole period they are not being used. They must be stored immersed in Optiano Multi-purpose Cleaning Solution. Don’t forget to rinse the lens every time you use it and dispose of the cleaning solution in the case. Always remember: soft lenses cannot be cleaned through thermal disinfection methods.


    OPTIANO can only accept an exchange if the blisters/vial are not opened or are found to be factory defective. Opened lenses cannot be exchanged under any circumstances.

    In the case that you receive defective lenses, you must proceed as follows:

    1. Contact OPTIANO’s representative within TWO business days from the receipt of your shipment.

    2. Returning defective lenses must be sent within 2 business days from the time that the customer initially contacted OPTIANO’s representative to report the defect.

    3. Defective lenses must be returned before we can exchange them and may only be exchanged for the exact same lens model, color, and prescription.

    If you do not follow the instructions above, WE WILL NOT be able to replace your lenses.

    The company, will examine each lens and check them for protein deposits which indicate whether the lens was used. If there is a scratch or tear on the lens and it was used, the Manufacturer may not replace the lens.

    Shipping charges for returns and exchanges will be carried by the customer.


    Minimum 3-5 days are required for delivery. Order can be delayed in case of sales, natural disasters & holidays. If you need your order sooner, please contact us. For urgent delivery you have to transfer the amount online first, then will dispatch your parcel overnight.  Most orders deliver the next business day.When you have submitted an order, soon Optiano representative will call you for confirmation. Once the order is ready to be dispatched, you will receive a shipment confirmation message with the tracking number.