New To Contact Lens

Why Use

You have decided to retire your glasses and use only contact lenses. Congratulations on your choice. Optiano will be pleased to help you.

This process of change always starts with a visit to the eye care professional. Only a specialist is able to determine the most indicated lenses for your case.

Regardless of the type of contact lenses you choose, be careful with the adaptation. Some users immediately adapt to the lenses. Others don’t. Feeling a certain discomfort during 10 or 15 minutes is considered normal. However, if it persists, remove the lenses and consult your specialist.

Once people overcome their preconceptions and try contact lenses that properly fit their lifestyle and correction need, most can get used to wearing them rather quickly. For many, contact lenses can open up a new world of freedom and sharp vision. When compared with eyeglasses side by side, the reasons to give contacts lenses a try are crystal clear: