Lens Handling

For your eye health, it is important to carefully follow the handling, insertion, removal, and wearing instructions that we inform below, as well as those prescribed by your eye care professional.

1. Wash your hands thoroughly with a mild soap, rinse completely and dry with a lint-free towel before touching your lenses. Do not use soap with moisturizer.

2. Place one lens at a time in your palm and apply a few drops of Optiano multipurpose solution on the lens surface.

3. Establish a sequence: first clean the lens of the right eye and then the lens for the left eye.

4. With the forefinger of the other hand rub the lens on both sides with gentle movements forwards and backward, left and right.

5. After cleaning, thoroughly rinse the lenses with Optiano multipurpose solution until they are free of residues.

6. Let the lenses rest in the closed case, soaked in multipurpose solution during the period when the lenses are not in use.

7. Clean the lenses every time you use them.

8. Always dispose the Optiano multipurpose solution that was inside the lens case when you remove the lenses for use.

9. Do not use heat to disinfect your lenses.

10. The lenses must be cleaned and disinfected every time you remove them from the lens case. One procedure does not substitute the other. Cleaning is necessary to remove mucus and film from lens surface. Disinfection is necessary to eliminate microorganisms